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Darjeeling tea and so many other varieties of carefully selected assortment of speacialty teas right at your fingertips. If you would like to try something new, we also offer Green, Oolong and White teas too. We pride ourselves on bringing you these Darjeeling teas from our own Goomtee Tea Garden, The higher Darjeeling Tea is grown, the thinner a tea's body and the more oncentrated its flavor as a rule. Yet altitude is only one factor determining the quality of Darjeeling Tea. The intermittent cloud and sunshine playing over the slopes make their contribution, as do exposure, that is, the direction a slope faces, and a host of other variables like the soil chemistry, temperature and rainfall unique to the area.Another-and more surprising-factor affecting tea taste is the wind. After a period of dormancy in winter months, Darjeeling's tea plants wake up in early March and begin putting forth the first new growth or "flush" of the year, delicate slender shoots with a glazed grey-green appearance. First Flush Tea season often lasts into early May, though unseasonal rains sometimes render the whole crop a disaster. This crop's unique quality results from the leaf growing in intense sunshine but in the cold crystalline Himalayan air of early spring. These growing conditions make

First Flush Darjeeling Tea

a puckery young tea, almost as light as any green but, unlike greens, flamboyantly aromatic. Infused leaf shows a pronounced lime greenish brightness. These are the Spring Teas, as they are also known, always amazingly fresh and flowery tasting. Amazingly astringent too, and easily oversteeped. First Flush refers to the season in which the leaf is picked. Usually used for Darjeeling, it implies that the tea was picked in Spring (April) and has a light, astringent flavour. I like them best after three minutes, or three and a half, seldom more. So delicate is First Flush Darjeeling that it especially well repays using water about thirty degrees below boiling, as in preparing green tea.

Second Flush darjeeling tea

These teas are picked in early summer and have a strong, round, fully formed flavour. Second Flush tea season, in Darjeeling produces some of the world’s finest, most sought-after teas. Before the arrival of the June monsoons, the Darjeeling District gets a brief second set of showers in May, which kicks off the second flush season.Second flush Darjeeling teas are renowned for their Muscatel characteristics—possessing a well-developed flavor, sweet and smooth and with an absolutely remarkable taste. The most prized Second flush darjeeling teas are similar to vintage wines and command very, very high prices.
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