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টি গ্লোসারি
The A To Z Of Goomtee
Tea Taster's Terminology
The A To Z Of Goomtee
Alive Golden Smooth
Attractive Great Soothing
Aromatic Sparkling
Healthy Special
Balanced Highgrown Sweet
Brilliant Light Tasteful
Lingering Terrific
Clean True
Clear Memorable
Muscatel Ultimate
Delicate Unique
Delicious Natural
Nutty Vivacious
Excellent Peachy Wonderful
Extraordinary Pleasant Well-made
Fine Premium Zingy
Fresh Refreshing
Fragrant Round
Fruity Rare
Tea Taster's Terminology
To the uninitiated, a conversation between Darjeeling Tea professionals can be a mystifying experience. The taster's terminology could refer to either the dry tea, the infused leaf or, the liquor in the cup.
Dry Tea
Stylish A neat, well twisted, evenly sized, wiry leaf appearance
Tippy The unopened buds on the tea bush are transformed into silvery particles called Tips which provide an attractive appearance in the made tea.
Bloom Silken sheen/lustre on the tea resulting from a fine pubescence on the leaf surface.
Colour Relating to hue on dry tea i.e. greyish/greenish in the spring flush, purplish/brown in the summer and blackish brown in autumn flush.
Infused Leaf
Bright Lively bright colour, as opposed to dull. The hue varies from a delicate lime green in spring flush to a bright copper/purple in second flush and onwards to a pale brown in autumn.
Nose/Point The fragrance exuded by the infused leaf, also termed as aroma or bouquet, which can be evocative of certain flowers, fruits or muscatel character.
Even Uniformity of colour and size of the infused particles.
Cup Liquor
Colour Self explanatory, varying from pale lemon to a rich amber with the season. Cups may be said to have varying degrees of visual brightness, depth and body.
Flavour A fragrance, a complete and pleasing taste and aftertaste with attributes of aroma, bouquet and point.
Taste Personal to each Darjeeling tea lover, viz mellow, smooth, round, delicate, mature, sweet, lively, dry, brisk and so on.