Darjeeling Tea is generally available in single estate or, blended form. If you wish to enjoy a "single estate" tea, please do note the garden's name and ask for the "flush" and year of manufacture. The making of Darjeeling Tea does not end at the plantation; with proper storage in dry, ventilated conditions, the better teas mature with the passage of time. Among Darjeeling Tea lovers, there are perfectionists who deem it sacrilege to add anything to the fragrant, steaming cup. Connoisseurs debate over the exact temperature of the water, the quantity of leaf per cup, and how long the infusion should brew. Darjeeling flavour is best appreciated on its own. Personal preferences may permit the addition of small quantities of milk, sugar or lemon to taste. It is necessary to adjust the quantity of tea used per cup, approximately 2 gms, or half a teaspoon according to type, size and preference. Fine tuning in terms of brewing time (3 to 6 minutes) is often rewarding
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