One of the best I recall of the past decade, to go no further - rich body and pronounced muscatel flavour with a silky quality I'm sure has never been duplicated. Truly spectacular, Ashok!

(comment made on the First Flush of Goomtee)

James Norwood Pratt - International Authority on Tea - San Francisco

Once again, we find Goomtee to be among the best of the First Flush Darjeeling Teas. This is a fabulous tea miraculously produced during a very tough season. A superb cup!

Harney & Sons

Goomtee Garden
Smokiness 0
Body 2
Added Flavors 0
Aroma 5
Astringency 4

Michael's Rating

We consider ourselves lucky to be able to offer this Goomtee. We feel this is the best Second Flush Darjeeling in the last 3 years, with a great nose. The tea tastes balanced and delightful. Goomtee's owner (Ashok Kumar) spoke at our 1998 conference, so we are doubly proud to present this tea for your enjoyment. 

Harney & Sons

Goomtee Tea Estate FTGFOP1 - This exceptional Darjeeling was produced for us at the height of the first flush season. It has an outstanding aroma and fresh, clean taste. A two and a half minute infusion produces a pleasing cup.

Upton Tea Imports

A fabulous First Flush Darjeeling. The aroma reminds one of Spring.

Harney & Sons

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