Darjeeling Tea - Exotic Organic Darjeeling Tea

Organic Tea  from Darjeeling tea Garden offering premium Specialty teas.

Goomtee Tea Estate is one of the best managed and well kept tea estates in India. It produces exotic Darjeeling teas and organic teas with a distinct flavour.

We cultivate the best Darjeeling White and First, Second, and Autumnal Flush Darjeeling teas.

This site offers you a complete tour of our garden along with general information on Darjeeling tea including organic tea. Click on the links below for further details:

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Dear Tea lovers,

Hello, and welcome to the exclusive world of Goomtee tea garden. We have prepared this website to provide answers to questions frequently asked by our friends around the world.

Goomtee is truly a heritage property. The Partners have been privileged to manage it since 1956. The third generation is now ready and eager to continue with the tradition while experimenting with new processing methods.

There are many fine sparkling wines produced throughout the world. However, only the produce of the Champagne Valley in France are entitled to be called "Champagne". A similar situation applies to Darjeeling. Please ask for Goomtee single estate for the best first and second flush Darjeeling Teas.

Do taste our tea, visit us in Darjeeling, and enjoy.

Yours in tea,

ashok kumar
Ashok Kumar

Managing Partner
Goomtee Group of Tea Farms,
Darjeeling, India