Goomtee has been fortunate to benefit by competent management throughout its history. A British pioneer, Mr. Henry Lennox planted the garden in 1899, after whom it was taken over by another famous planter Mr.G.W.O’Brien. The ruling Rana family of Nepal purchased it from Mr.O’Brien after World War II.

The garden management was taken over by Mr.Mahabir Prasad and the Kejriwal family, Indian pioneers in the mid fifties. The plantation and the factory have been completely upgraded in the last 40 years.

The current management with Mr. Ashok Kumar as managing partner, focuses on maintaining the traditional art of growing tea, simultaneously implementing the highest management standards. From the moment, the tea leaf is harvested, until it is packaged and sold, complete data is recorded at each stage of processing and an exhaustive daily report is generated. This implies that every invoice made is completely documented , starting from the raw material used, section, elevation, climatic conditions of the day and the processing parameters including withering, rolling, drying of the lot.

A custom made software has been developed. This has gone a long way in helping to streamline the various processes which has greatly enhanced the "consistency" factor ensuring, that Goomtee has come up with the best quality tea, year after year.

Care for the workers:

Goomtee enjoys a family relationship with its workers spreading over generations.
All workers receive free housing and medical care for the family along with the supply of cereals at heavily subsidized prices.
No child workers are employed
Equal remuneration for men and women
Living standards are significantly higher than the average for the country
Free maternity care for women
School facilities for children
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