Apart from being a healthy, light beverage, tea can also be used to add flavour to food. Some excellent recipes are given below. Please click on them for pictures and details on preparation.

Taken from the book "Cooking with Tea" by Robert Wemischner and Diana Rosen

Darjeeling Peach Conserve
Rata Tea Ouille
Red Rice in Oolong Tea
Tea Smoked Mushrooms
Brisket Braised in Tea with Root Vegetables
Cold Tea Noodles
Morocco-Darjeeling Halibut
Awesome Assam Lemon Tart
Broiled Tea Glazed Oranges with Flan The
Earl Grey Truffles
Fresh Peach Darjeeling Sorbet
Honeydew Green Tea Frappe
Milk Chocolate Torte with Assam Tea Ganache
Tea Beverages
Iced Tea Lemonade with Lemon Rosemary Sorbet
Iced Tea with Lemon Grass Syrup
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